Amp'n the Vibes, Damp'n the Vibrations

Recently the Workshop completed a personal trainer-based gym in downtown San Francisco. We worked with the clients to craft a fitness space which is lively and fun, and doesn't vibrate too much. Sight and sound have to work together. A fitness space requires a certain amount of personal focus, but you also want to feel [...]

City of Sound | City of Dust

Next week I will be traveling to Seoul to unveil a sound installation I have designed for the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. The project is titled City of Sound | City of Dust and presents five stereo channels of field recordings I made at Burning Man in 2010. The sounds of bicycles, [...]

Landscape Circuitry

What happens when you wire up parts of a landscape and amplify its own remixed sounds? This is the next iteration of my series with SEAP : Sonorous Environment Amplification Panel. I have set up this four channel audio installation on the edge of Seaplane Lagoon on the former Naval Air Station in Alameda to [...]

Introducing SEAP

SEAP (Sonorous Environment Amplification Panel) is an interface to decipher landscapes in flux. Sounds which remain otherwise inaudible are made audible through the acrylic panel, effectively serving as a landscape loudspeaker. A puddle becomes an ocean. A drainage pipe resounds like a cavern. An underwater cathedral can be heard via this periscope in reverse. In [...]