Xenakis Hauntology

We are haunted by dead futures. We walk in the ruins of dead visionaries, the shrill scores of Iannis Xenakis reverberating in the brutalist shell of a former Bank of America branch.

The ground is not solid; sections of San Francisco are built over the hulls of sunken ships. The less solid that we assume the built world to be, the more easily the dead future can be reclaimed and made into our desires.

False permanence is the beginning of this production which takes audio transducers mounted on the blind side of sheet rock walls and beneath wash basins to form hauntological, thickened rooms.

The air is never still. A 100-foot long x 20-foot high sheet rock wall becomes a colossal speaker vibrating with the wide sound of an ocean shore.

An emergency escape corridor hums and drones with the sounds of ship ropes, boat hulls, and the submerged soundscape recorded from a hydrophone along the city’s piers. 

Sounds and transducer implementation designed and installed with Bryan Finoki. Interior design by Rich Hansen, Indicate.