A Voice that Lingers…

This guided sound walk in the Marin Headlands is one of many sound walks that DEMILIT (the landscape collective founded by Nick Sowers, Javier Arbona, and Bryan Finoki) have conducted over the last decade. Other sites have included Mare Island, San Jose, downtown Oakland, Alameda Naval Air Station, and La Jolla to name a few.

The walk took place in the fall of 2011 as part of the Headlands Center for the Arts Desire Trails public program.

We unraveled the tangled relationships that we often find in closed bases, including a marine mammal protection center in a former Nike missile silo and blimp hangars repurposed as horse stables.

We recorded sounds in these spaces and played them back during the walk, including using a sound cannon installed in the attic of the Headlands Center for the Arts building to play droning sounds from “bowels” of the missile silo.